The Altruistiq software platform helps organisations to measure, manage and share their environmental impact. Our USP is built around three capabilities: i) Reducing the time required to generate large scale, full scope baselining by over 85%; ii) Increasing the estimation accuracy of indirect or supply chain impact by a factor of 2x; iii) Generating granular impact allocations at the level of an organisation’s individual products and services.

These capabilities mean that we are the world’s most effective solution for large enterprises that create or sell physical products which involve significant purchases or distributions through global supply chains. Great examples of this might include food or apparel brands and retailers or grocers. In these situations, our value addition may easily be over 10m GBP per annum, taking into account the carbon value at stake. That said, our capabilities are increasingly in demand by companies across industry verticals. Our customers now include a diverse range of businesses including private equity, logistics, food service, energy, telecom, and software, with cumulative revenue of over $100b per annum and operations across 6 continents and over 22 countries.

Our team heavily indexes on industry and subject matter expertise, and includes veterans of McKinsey, QuantumBlack, Unilever, Deloitte, Google, Goldman Sachs, ASOS and other established organisations. Individuals from our investor base have previously founded two unicorn technology companies, led two leading European banks (as Chair or CEO), and currently manage over $15b of active capital (as CEO or CIO).